Thank you for downloading

The whole installation takes less than 10 minutes. Watch the video tutorial below where Sonm product owner Eugene Manaev installs the Sonm OS, and you’ll see how simple it is.

This is what we call hassle free side-hustle.


Main steps

  • Specify your Ethereum wallet

    Specify your existing Ethereum address or generate one on the Sonm Market.To start selling resources on Sonm, you need to have an Ethereum address (we call it the Master address), to which all income will be transferred.

  • Download the installation image

    We’ve prepared an HDD raw image for USB flash drives — and you’ve just downloaded it. If the installation didn’t work properly, click here to download the file!

  • Create a bootable USB flash drive

    You can use Etcher utility, for example.

  • Specify the master address

    Specify your master address in the Sonm.txt file located in the root of the prepared USB flash drive.

  • Boot the PC from the USB flash drive

    Boot the PC from the USB flash drive and follow the steps of the installation wizard. It takes just a few minutes to complete the whole process.