Thank you for downloading

The entire installation takes less than 10 minutes during which you can read an article about the installation and features of the SONM OS.

This is what we call hassle free side-hustle.

Main steps

  • Specify your Ethereum wallet

    Specify your existing Ethereum address or generate one on the Sonm Market.To start selling resources on Sonm, you need to have an Ethereum address (we call it the Master address), to which all income will be transferred.

  • Download Sonm OS auto-installer

    Click here to download auto-installer!

  • Run the installer

    Run sonmos-win-alfa.exe

  • Enter your Master address

    You got it at step 1.

  • Click “Yes” to install Oracle VirtualBox

    If you have not yet.

  • Click “Install SONM”

    Look here for detailed instructions.