Infrastructure for blockchain applications

Sonm provides a software solution that is a service for hosting crypto projects.

Infrastructure, provided by Sonm, allows to run any decentralized applications or host blockchain-based services, which need computing resources for it work. For example, such well-known projects as Golem, iExec, SIA, Elastic etc.

Infrastructure for blockchain applications on Sonm

Your project on Sonm

Sonm allows anyone to rent computing power. There are different ways to do this, via GUI with the click of a mouse, a command line or even API.

We have a converged market, where computing powers are rented for real business tasks and crypto mining in a universal way, via single and unified API. The whole system outlined above makes this possible:  the product for the customer, the architecture, everything is dedicated to making a unified marketplace, where real tasks (like Docker containers) can coexist with mining on the same machines, under a unified pricing and billing model.

What Sonm can give to blockchain projects in terms of hosting?

  • Huge pool of GPUs cheaper than cloud providers
  • Quick solution of computing power problems
  • Decentralized fog-computing backend
  • Payments in cryptocurrency

Pros of hosting decentralized applications on Sonm:

All kinds of resources: CPU, GPU, HDD, RAM, Network

  • Cost-efficient alternative to cloud services
  • Decentralized computing network
  • Scalability on demand
  • Docker compatibility
  • The global market of computing resources