Sonm — Getting Started!

Get started!

Welcome to the Sonm platform. Sonm helps hardware owners to rent out their resources and provide the world with affordable computing power.

The main users of Sonm are Customers and Suppliers. Customers can select any rental time or computer architecture they need for their project and they set the cost. Suppliers are the resource owners. They can earn tokens by selling computing power peer-to-peer to Customers to launch their applications. Choose your side and get started!



The fog alternative to cloud services

Purchasing your own hardware is expensive and renting it from a cloud service provider is even more expensive from a TCO perspective. This is reasonable for mission-critical tasks and applications, but enterprise charges seem excessive for secondary and auxiliary applications. There used to be no other choice than your own hardware, on-premises or in the cloud. We have changed that. Now you can get computing power and save your money. Compared to the traditional cloud, fog computing is much more cost-effective and it is a geo-distributed solution.

Get power


Instead of constructing data centers, let’s distribute hardware between homes.

Turn your computer into a Sonm host node and earn money! All your resources will be utilized — not only GPU, but also CPU and RAM, as well as your disks and network. Let your equipment benefit you and others on real-world tasks.

Also, for miners might be interesting the following: it’s a future way of mining where you don’t have to decide what coin to mine, it will be the market that decides what application will pay more for your resources. It’s not only mining that pays for using your hardware, but real business with its practical application.

Provide hardware