SONM Community


We are building a strong, independent community of customers, suppliers, investors and supporters who are interested in popularizing SONM and spreading its name all over the world.

Be Sonm Advocate!

We have worked out a brand advocacy program, aimed to find the most active members of the community and encourage them to help us broadcast the brand awareness all over the world.

Content Maker

The one who has impressive skills of content making, such as video-making, tech knowledge, copywriting. Their task is to create content in any formats: from video to infographics, from tech articles to texts written in plain language, from streams to comparison table.

SONM Content Maker
  • Write a review

    3000-4500 SNM

    Install SONM and write a review. Post on three relevant platforms with no fewer than 500 followers.

  • Become a SONM customer

    4500-7000 SNM

    Run any task and write/film a review about your experience.

  • Make a short video or a video stream

    2000-3000 SNM

    Make a short video, describing the SONM project idea and its benefits to potential users: this could be an animated video explaining how SONM works, a vlog with you as a presenter, or a video stream of you using SONM. You can produce any type of video content, as long as it matches these criteria: it is of high quality, it provides an idea of what SONM is, and it is easy to understand for somebody unfamiliar with the project.

  • Write an article

    1500-2500 SNM

    Write an article naming certain companies that could be interested in the SONM platform as a way of boosting efficiency and productivity. Publish the article on relevant platforms. The article should attract readers who are curious about the way fog computing – and SONM in particular – could optimize the performance of these companies.

  • Translate

    800-1800 SNM

    Translate a SONM blog post from into one of the following languages and post it on relevant tech platforms: Chinese / Japanese / Korean / Spanish / German / French.

  • Make a podcast

    1000-1500 SNM

    Record an audio podcast about how SONM works and its benefit for users, and post it on relevant platforms.

  • Make a video review

    3000-6000 SNM

    Install SONM and make a balanced video review. Post on three relevant platforms with no fewer than 500 followers.

  • Make a how-to video

    6000-10000 SNM

    Install SONM and make a how-to video.

  • Become a SONM supplier

    5000-8000 SNM

    Provide some of your computing power and share your feedback to improve our product. What difficulties did you encounter? What did you like/dislike? Help us to make the project better!


This type is a communicative and active member of the community. They are ready to initiate and carry on discussions on omnifarious platforms. They also know how to influence people and can change the brand vision in the estimation of consumers.

SONM Influencer
  • Share your opinion

    500-900 SNM

    Start a constructive dialogue in the SONM chat (with other users, not admins). Share your opinion on why you believe in SONM, and involve users in this discussion.

  • Chat in Telegram

    750-1500 SNM

    Initiate discussions about SONM in Telegram chats related to blockchain, cloud computing, programming and any area that includes our specialization.

  • Share a post

    400 SNM

    Share an SONM blog post on relevant platforms (one post for 10 different communities). Posts can be taken from here:

  • Find discussions

    500-1000 SNM

    Find and maintain relevant discussions on topics related to SONM. Mention SONM in such discussions in 2-3 comments for each topic.

  • Initiate a Youtube feature

    1000 SNM

    Comment about SONM on videos by YouTube tech opinion leaders (no fewer than 10), asking them to review/feature us on their vlogs. The goal is to persuade an opinion leader to make a video about SONM. If you manage to shape other users’ opinions and make a blogger create the video (and you can prove this is your achievement), we will double the reward for this task.

  • Make a balanced video/stream/review

    2000-4000 SNM

    On your own blog, if you are a local opinion leader with 1000+ followers on any platform.

Bug hunter

A technically savvy user who loves and knows how to find bugs in the code or app’s’ work. They feel important when they point at errors — which is also useful for us.

SONM Bug hunter
  • Find a bug

    1000-2000 SNM

    In case you found a bug during:
    — SONM installation
    — Running any task as supplier/customer
    — Or just using SONM in any way
    Share it with us with detailed comments!


Someone who is eager to help with making businesses know about SONM solutions. Based on the use cases SONM runs now, the ambassador makes an introduction of SONM and a potential partner company, making them know about each other field of operation. The ambassador should personally know the party he’s making an intro. The recipient at Sonm should be Andrei Fedorov, Head of Sonm business development. The contact address: [email protected]

SONM Ambassador
  • Make an intro / Promote the partnership

    500-5000 SNM

    Provide partners with a well-prepared introductory offer
    Become an ambassador in the process of negotiations and help with establishing a collaboration.

Send completed tasks to [email protected]
and claim your rewards!

The final amount of the reward you get depends on different factors (read the complete rules for further info) and will be determined by the company.
If I do enter SONM Advocacy Program I hereby agree and accept these Terms & Conditions.