We’re live. What next?

On June 30, 2018, after long months of hard work, the SONM decentralized fog computing platform was finally launched and is ready for use!

Those of you who are in need of extra resources for solving computing tasks can now use our platform instead of renting computing power from cloud service providers. And suppliers of computing resources can now rent out the capacity of their graphic and central processors, free space on their hard disk or RAM for the processing and storage of data, network capacity.

What we have already done

  • The main technical infrastructure of the SONM platform is now operational;
  • Suppliers have been given the opportunity to connect their hardware to the SONM marketplace using auto-installer and rent out computing resources of their equipment;
  • SONM customers can now run tasks with the use of the computing power of suppliers resources. Large companies can already carry out full-scale testing of IaaS on the SONM platform;
  • For solving customised tasks users of the platform have to pass KYC3 authentication level in manual mode (in future this option will be automated via external KYC3 services). Custom tasks are also possible without KYC3 if Customer deploys container on his own Worker machine;
  • An external audit of smart contracts has been completed.

The SONM team has achieved the minimal functionality required for the platform to work in the Livenet mode, which gives us the possibility to run real cases. We can add new users to the SONM marketplace system. They will then purchase or rent out computing power.

What we are doing right now

  • Activating collaboration with partners. At the development stage we were searching mainly for technical partners, then now the focus is shifting toward companies that could become resellers of our services on their local markets or use our platform for the implementation of their own services;
  • Preparing test cases for companies that are interested in the possibilities offered by SONM and are ready to test them;
  • Switching our tech support service to 24/7 so we can work with the whole world, regardless of time zone;
  • We appeared at the RISE conference, which took place in Hong Kong from July 9-12. The event was attended by 15,000 visitors from more than 100 countries, and over 350 speakers gave talks. SONM CTO Igor Lebebev made a presentation on the topic “How Fog Computing and Blockchain Are Disrupting the Cloud” as part of the Growth Summit section and took part in a panel discussion as part of the SaaS Monster section;
  • We are actively communicating with media from around the world;
  • We are debugging the way the Connor bot functions in industrial mode. Connor acts as a market maker and is ready to purchase any computing powers on SONM for the purpose of crypto mining. Currently Connor works for Ethereum.;
  • We are fixing minor technical bugs revealed by the results of our audit;
  • Adding necessary functions to the GUI, such as:
    • display of deposit/withdraw transactions;
    • correction of layout and optimization of the GUI interface for different browsers.

At the moment we are carrying out serious work on tasks that are not listed on the SONM roadmap and are not visible to users.

What we are going to do next

  • In July we are planning to publish reports on the audit of our system that was carried out by Hacken and SmartDec;
  • In the near future we will publish the first cases of projects realized on the SONM platform;
  • We are working to bring new cryptocurrencies on the platform. This requires adding new benchmarks, while we currently have only benchmarks for Ethereum and Zcash. In the upcoming days new benchmarks will be introduced;
  • In the coming days the Connor bot will be launched for mining other cryptocurrencies, which will add more concurrency to the basic demand on SONM marketplace. We work to add Monero support to utilize CPU. We were looking at Zcash, but with the introduction of ASICs for Zcash it is now looking less promising. We also look at other coins;
  • When the debugging work on the Connor bot is complete, we will create it as open-source software for use by external developers and miners. Primarily, this will attract mining enthusiasts to the SONM marketplace, who will connect their hardware to the platform;
  • A function for purchasing SONM tokens with a credit card will soon be added to the GUI;
  • We are going to launch an auto-installer for the system: a boot image that will install SONM from scratch, beginning with the installation of the ОS and using one-click install;
  • Our team will debug network and disk quota functions;
  • We will complete integration with a KYC3 provider;
  • We began work on public monitoring facilities, such as blockchain/market explorer and profitability calculator;
  • In the process of updating SONM whitepaper, soon a new updated version will be introduced, featuring actual SONM vision and state;
  • Cross chain interconnect solution paper in work, this will be a first in its class industry-impacting PoS solution for gateways without new ICO!

Join SONM and rent out or purchase computing resources on the SONM Livenet platform.

We will be glad to receive feedback from users. Send your reviews and suggestions to [email protected]