Try Sonm on your Windows PC

Try Sonm on your Windows PC

Anticipating the release of Sonm OS Live USB, that will allow you to rent out your hardware without a deep technical knowledge, we’d like to introduce you an easy tool to explore Sonm — a separate Sonm OS auto-installer for potential Suppliers of computing power who use Windows PCs. With the help of this installer, you can offer your computing resources for rent on the Sonm Marketplace (CPU, network, and disk). It automatically deploys Sonm OS on your PC in a virtual machine and starts providing resources. The Windows installer’s main goal is to help you understand better how Sonm works. It will rent out only a small part of your hardware capacity. To rent out the entire machine and profit more, please, consider the installation of Sonm OS on dedicated hardware (read about the Sonm OS here).

Try Sonm today! Read on.

What you get

The Sonm platform works only on Linux. So, up until now, to use Sonm on Windows, you needed to install a new OS (which not everyone was ready to do) or use a virtual machine with Linux and install the Sonm components after that.

The new installer automatically…

  • downloads the latest versions of VirtualBox and Sonm OS for Suppliers
  • installs VirtualBox and creates a virtual machine with Ubuntu
  • installs Sonm OS on the virtual machine
  • runs Sonm OS, which sells your computing power automatically
  • shows the Sonm status panel, which displays details about your rented resources and income

Your income

Running Sonm on a virtual machine doesn’t allow it to use the GPU devices of the PC. Therefore, Sonm OS sells other resources instead: CPU, RAM, storage, and network connection. Your income will be lower in this case than if you fully change your OS.

Download and install

Use this link to download the installer. After downloading, please follow the steps below.

  1. Run the installer.
  2. Enter your Master address (check out how to do that, if you haven’t yet).
  3. Click “Yes” to install Oracle VirtualBox if you have not jet.
  4. After the installation is complete, click “Yes” to launch Sonm OS.
  5. Click “Install SONM.”

  6. Enter a new password and the password confirmation for Linux.
  7. Enter previously invented password for starting installation. Wait until the installation finishes. Afterward, your Worker will wait for Master confirmation.
  8. To confirm your worker, go to Sonm Market.
  9. Input the required information and create a new wallet (if you haven’t already).
  10. Import your Master account to the wallet on the “Accounts” page using the “Import” button.
  11. Go to the “Market” → “Workers” page and press the “Confirm” button near the worker address.
  12. Now the computing resources of your PC will automatically be sold on the Sonm Market. You will see the information on the worker status page.

Stop and restart

To stop Sonm OS, you must first close the deals on the Sonm Market. Only after that you can close the application itself.

After the restart, you need to re-enable the Sonm Worker to sell your equipment on the Sonm market.

We strongly recommend to follow the steps mentioned below while stopping and restarting Sonm OS. Otherwise you risk losing your rating on the Sonm Market.

So, for the proper shutdown of Sonm OS, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Switch to Sonm worker window and focus your pointer there (click on the window).
  2. Switch to console (linux tty1) by pressing Alt+F1
  3. Run the command in the console: sonmcli worker maintenance 0h (there is native linux autocomplete working, so you may say sonmcli wo and then press TAB to autocomplete command, then sonmcli worker ma and autocomplete)
  4. Switch back to the graphic panel by pressing Alt+F7 and wait until the USD/h is reset in the Incom block (it may take several minutes), alternatively you may run sonm worker status and check deals count.
  5. Close the window Sonm OS or select “Machine” > “Shutdown”

After restarting Sonm OS it is necessary to remove the “maintenance mode”:

  1. Switch to console by pressing Alt+F1
  2. Run the command in the console: sonmcli worker maintenance 100000h
  3. Switch back to the graphic panel by pressing Alt+F7

More details about the “maintenance” mode can be found in the instructions.

Change resources you contribute to Sonm

By default, the installer creates a virtual machine with Sonm and gives it 1 CPU core and 2 Gb RAM. This is fine to try Sonm and is the minimal viable amount to earn any money at the same time will allow you to use this computer for other tasks still – for work, to browse the Internet, or even for gaming.

However, you may want to increase the resources, available to Sonm virtual machine to raise your revenue.

To do so:

  1. Stop Sonm using instructions from the “Stop and restart” section.
  2. Open VirtualBox software.
  3. Select Sonm virtual machine settings.
  4. Select System.
  5. Adjust CPU and RAM as you would like.
  6. Select Save.
  7. Run virtual machine again.

It is recommended to always leave at least 2 cores and 4 Gb of RAM for the system.

Examples 1. You have 2 cores and 4 Gb RAM. It is recommended not to change default resources, available to Sonm, since the remaining resources are already low for your system.

Examples 2. You have 4 physical cores (8 with HT) and 16 RAM:

  1. If you leave the default 1 core 2 Gb RAM for Sonm, your machine will probably be working without significant performance reduction.
  2. Shall you raise Sonm resources to 2-4 cores and 4-8 Gb RAM – you will still be able to use this machine for working and browsing, but gaming will probably not work without lags.
  3. Shall you raise Sonm resources to 6 cores and 12 Gb RAM – you will hardly be able to use this machine for working and anything other, except for simple tasks, like surfing.

Next steps

As mentioned before, we recommend you use this installer to get familiar with the Sonm platform. We will soon release the LiveUSB version of the Sonm OS, which will allow you to provide all your computing power (including GPU) on the Sonm Marketplace without wiping your existing Windows installation (requiring only a reboot)

In the meantime, if you decide to start earning on your hardware with Sonm, you may use this guide. It contains all the necessary information about how to install Linux and Sonm OS on your PC using our installation image for a bootable USB flash drive.

We would be happy to see you among the Sonm Suppliers!