SONM’s Alpha Version Use-case — “Quake” Game Server:

The release of SONM’s alpha version, which features Docker containers’ support, will be accompanied by the launch of a game server for the first-person shooter online game “Quake”, which will represent a use case of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) support of SONM.

The SONM alpha version release aims mainly at showcasing the functionality of our technology and its applicability in various real world use cases. The main message we are conveying is “SONM is similar to AirBnB, but it facilitates rental of computational power, rather than lodging”.

We are currently working on solving the following issues in the near future:

· Adapting SONM to be compatible with heterogeneous network types.

· Compatibility with various forms of governmental firewalls.

· Docker is utilized as an isolation system. In other words, we can currently only use Docker compatible hardware.

The alpha version can run on Linux operating systems, while it can run on Windows only via virtual machine software.

Billing for provided computational resources is determined by the time spent during computation. Hardware performance check of miners’ hardware is not implemented in the alpha version release.

The SONM alpha version is distributed via dockerhub; users need to pull the Docker container. Several container options have to be set by the user, for example, he/she has to choose the type of GPU device and occasionally also, the network interface (WAN). Moreover, the user has to set the percentage of his/her machine computational resources available for rent.


Via Whisper based discovery mechanisms, miners will search for available hubs. Whenever an available whitelisted hub is found, the miner will register at it. The system also supports SSL authentication via certificates digitally signed by trusted organizations.

Afterwards, the hub will add the registered miner to the list of available allocations. After the task is successfully received, the hub will send <docker-container, options> request to the miner. The miner will then launch the process within the predefined system limits, check the network, continuously gather the data of the resources used by the container and finally, send this data to the hub. Additionally, the miner will check the correctness of the work accomplished within the Docker container.

Miners and hubs interact with each other via gRPC over HTTP2, to avoid handling an excessive number of connections.

The hub manages the “accounting” of used computational resources.

Use Case: “Quake Server”:

1. The miner installs SONM’s alpha version, with Docker container support, to his/her machine and launches it.

2. SONM’s alpha version client registers at the Hub.

3. The user connects to the Hub requesting to launch a “Quake” game server.

4. The server is launched and multiple players can engage in a multi-player game via utilizing miners’ computational resources.


If the miner’s machine goes offline, another miner will have to download and install the Docker container with the Quake server to resume task processing. In other words, the Docker container has to be stored on the miner’s machine.

Further along our path of SONM development, we intend to integrate decentralized file storage solutions (e.g. Storj, IPFS, Sia…etc). This will mitigate this issue and enable switching the task among miners instantly.

SONM Alpha Version Release — SaaS, PaaS, Docker Support:

(SONM alpha version release from a different prospective “It’s not only about Quake!”)

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) implementation is by far the weak hinge within all grid systems, due to the fact that they were designed with scientific purposes in mind, rather than commercial use. A large proportion of the current cloud computing market is providing various SaaS services including hosting websites, mail services, messengers…etc. Currently, SaaS is implemented and fully operational across SONM’s network. Golem is planning to implement it during the upcoming year.

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