Sonm weekly update 2019-09-03

Masternodes work in progress! Sonm sidechain explorer open-sourced! TEE production deployment is going on aiming at October 2019! CraftML has launched! GPU cloud startup being established! tehMoonwalkeR interview with Igor, SNM listed as rare gem!

Software engineering

  • Masternodes development (block producing):
    • Testnet based on Loom Network is being studied.
    • The masternodes survey will be closing in a day, your last chance to show your support is now! Currently, masternodes activation is supported by 25 mil SNM (5%), which may be not sufficient, so if you plan to run a MN – we call for you to show your support! The decision will be announced once the survey is closed.
    • Possibility to use Plasma is examined.
  • Sonm blockchain explorer has been open-sourced! It is a software dedicated to being used with arbitrary Ethereum-compatible blockchains. Readme file is not yet ready with a guide, so expect additional news on this.
  • Binance chain integration will be performed after block producing masternodes.
  • TEE development
    • Production installation of attestation server is going on.
    • Messed some time with Alpine Linux.
    • Attestation service is dockerized.
    • Consul cluster is up.
    • Last attestation server without TPM module has received its TPM.
    • All office Sonm machines and testbeds (5+) are now equipped with SonmTEE and set up as trusted workers.


  • tehMoonwalkeR the gem hunter has released a long prepared interview with Sonm CEO Igor Lebedev (was announced many weeks ago) –
  • and listed SNM token in his rating as the rare-grade coin.
  • Tokenomics article draft is 80% done, once ready the draft will be accepted with a closed community of Masternodes Club (those who participated in the survey). The deadline is tomorrow.


  • CraftML has launched. Good luck to our partner!
  • GPU cloud is being established as a new startup with a modified Rays model.
  • Standby mode is finally activated on full power in production. Sonm hot-active hash rate is now 27406 Mhash (25% of the times before standby), this reduces our active Reward Program subsidize costs at least 4 times while preserving the equivalent hot-standby powers!