Sonm weekly update 2019-08-28

This week we continue our work on TEE prototype. A few testbeds are semi-ready and attested as trusted machines. Our research is focused on the future of token. We launched a survey to study the existing support for masternodes to understand if the community is ready.


  • Research on masternodes is in progress. We are researching Loom solution, how to transit from our existing PoA sidechain to full-featured DPoS blockchain. Testbed experiments are going on.
  • Product research is going on for GPU cloud service – the next service to be made.


  • SonmOS with TEE enabled is running internal tests. A number of internal testbeds are arranged, we already have 4 machines, recognized by attestation service as “trusted”.
  • Some bugs and improvements are made.
  • Work in progress with Grub and TPM support.
  • Migration to internal secure code repository is going on.
  • Advanced networking and server setup is in progress.


  • This week we focused our attention on the long waiting question of the future of token.
  • We launched a survey to study the existing support for masternodes. At the moment of writing, MNs are proven to be supported by 14,258,867 SNM (3.21% of tokens), which we estimate as low support. The survey is going on. Read more in our blog:
  • A private chat with verified SNM holders established. Currently, this chat is dedicated to masternodes activation, but the dialogue precedent is interesting. To join the chat one must have an intention to become a MN adopter, has to pass the MNs activation Survey (link above) and prove his SNM holdings by signing a message.
  • A study for Sonm/SNM tokenomics is almost ready to be published. We will explain how we see the future of token and the ecosystem.