Sonm weekly update 2019-08-21

Weekly report from Sonm: we selected Loom Network technology stack as an underlying technology to building our new plasma chain with DPoS and Binance chain integration. listed SNM. Standby mode launched, that allows HiveOS (or another mining suite of your choice) to co-exist with Sonm worker with auto-switching. SonmOS TEE progress – everything boots up. Protocol update planned with market updates.


Marketing and business

  • Loom Network team has authorized us to use their technology stack to establish a new Sonm blockchain with DPoS masternodes. A major milestone. Now with this solution, we can start technical R&D on block producing masternodes.
  • Binance chain integration also received progress – Loom solution provides support for a Binance chain gate, which we plan to reuse at the first stage until Cosmos will get IBC/peg zone support (more detail will be explained shortly).
  • CraftML integration with Sonm is actively developing. We learn the feedback of what to be improved.
  • This allows us to develop the requirements and product overview for an updated Sonm experience – commercial GPU cloud – next commercial thing.
  • There was a notable scam incident in our community, which is explained in details here:

    This raised a question of safe swaps for SNM, which we desired to be available, so we negotiated with SNM has been listed there and it may be used now. No more escrow scam – use atomic swaps and take care!


General development

  • Standby mode is ready for Sonm. We developed some scripts, that allow Sonm worker to co-exist with a HiveOS native mining facility.
  • After some more closed beta testing (with our biggest suppliers), these scripts will be available as part of Sonm worker installation (with “systemd” service, as everyone likes). This will allow folks to join Sonm on a new basis – when Sonm has real-world business tasks – your machines switch to them, other time your machines are mining with HiveoS or the mining suite of your choice. The difference is that this greatly increases the usability of standby mode. Bare mining is more user-friendly with specialized suites, while our task is to make it possible to switch between a mining suite and Sonm worker automagically.
  • Updates to Sonm protocol (and all components – cli, tools, wallet, etc) are foreseen soon:
    • TEE integration will require Sonm market update;
    • Block producing DPoS maternodes (with Loom Network technology) will require a migration and a hardfork for sidechain;
    • Binance integration will require an update to gates;
    • Supplier deposits will require Sonm market update.
  • Masternode development has started. We are building up a testnet.


TEE development

  • SonmOS TEE now completes full boot with all our components up. Checkpoint passed. Some bugs still exist and we work on.
  • Researching BIOS options for ASRock H110 Pro BTC. There is an opensource GPLv2 BIOS (Coreboot) for a similar ASRock platform, which we find promising to be ported on “H110 Pro BTC” with our modifications as we need.
  • Preparing to install attestation service on production servers.
  • Working on Grub loader to provide the required TPM support according to our needs.
  • October is kept as a current launch estimation to be on time with rendering service worldwide promotion.


Elevated Rewards Program

  • Some big suppliers from the Elevated Rewards Program were switched to standby mode, thus we reduced the online power of Sonm to 50 Ghash, the others being available on-demand in hot standby.
  • The reward was reduced to $2 per GPU-day following a continuous decrease in mining profitability. Rendering rewards are kept at the level of $2.5 per GPU-day.