Sonm weekly update 2019-08-06

Work is focused on Trusted Platform solution, which is being tested on reference equipment. Render service will be launched soon based on Sonm network. research going on for ML and databases.



  • Work in progress for a database solution for super-local fog computing environments.
  • ML product requirements are being developed.


Software engineering

  • Log collection work is finished for attestation service.
  • Work for a verified boot for SonmOS TEE is in progress.
  • SonmOS TEE is tested on testbeds.



  • The internal code repository is setup. Migration is planned.
  • Attestation service is being set up on target hardware.
  • Reference mining rig testbeds are installed and currently used in Sonm pool for rendering specific tasks.


Marketing and PR

  • Communicating with the Loom network regarding possible usage for Sonm masternodes and Binance chain integration.
  • Copywriting work in progress.
  • Render service will be launched soon, that makes use of Sonm.