Sonm weekly update 2019-07-30

It feels great when you do something for a long time and then the pieces are combined together and it works.


  • Started R&D for a database solution for super-local fog computing environments. This research is focused on running CockroachDB on Sonm with TEE option, data is additionally protected by PrismaDB transparent encryption. This research is aimed to finally provide a scalable storage facility as a service for fog computing environments.
  • Research on ML is going on.


Software engineering

  • Work is focused on Trusted Platform.
  • Since the machine with Trusted Platform, as we design it, does not provide any access to its owner, we need a temporary diagnostic shell on this machine. In case someone will need to debug it – this would be our employee. Such a diagnostic shell is implemented with whitelist-based limitations (only basic system diagnostic commands).
  • Disk encryption seems to be complete.
  • Installer for SonmOS with TEE works. The system successfully installs from USB, then OS boots to a stage when our special software components need to be launched. Work is in progress to complete the whole boot sequence to the final init level automatically.
  • At this stage, we are already testing SonmOS with TEE on target hardware.



  • Secure code repositories established. /* details stripped from public report */
  • Servers for TEE Remote Attestation Service are all ready. /* details stripped from public report */
  • Reference mining rig configurations based on “ASRock H110 Pro BTC+” and “Gigabyte GA-Z270P-D3” have been provisioned and installed in office. These reference builds resemble our standard configuration, as required by our Elevated Rewards Program (32 Gb RAM, i5 6500, 1080TI). These machines already joined Sonm network for maximum modeling realism, they work in rendering work time prediction scenario.

Generally speaking, for the Trusted Platform solution we are on the final stages: all hardware starter pack has already been provisioned (we still experiment with setup options, backup, and maintenance), SonmOS with TEE is mostly implemented and all components are being put together.


Marketing and PR

  • We met with Vasily Sidorov from PrismaDB (Singapore) at our office. They work with university and gov, doing unique research regarding data privacy for databases. We agreed for joint research in the fog computing field.
  • We attended TerraCrypto event in Moscow – we took part in the “Mining alternatives” panel. Invited to join the next TerraCrypto event.
  • Contact initiated with Loom network to discuss their solution for plasma sidechain and Binance chain connectivity. We are evaluating if we can reuse Binance chain connectivity implemented by Loom so that we can focus on our main goals.
  • Many articles in the queue…



  • Much legal work scheduled. /* details stripped from public report */