Sonm weekly update 2019-07-23

This week we are elaborating our plans to release the TEE security solution, it was long our most secret RnD, but now the release is approaching fast. Hardware partly arrived. TerraCrypto conference this week in Moscow, Alexey Krotov, CBDO, will participate.



  • Need to register a couple of things here and there.
  • Trusted Platform internal project documentation will be developed, it is time to. The release is soon. This documentation will be disclosed only on NDA.
  • A plan is being updated with the release approaching:
    • Finish the installer.
    • Test on reference motherboard configurations.
    • Finish minimal set of attestation methods (not all are implemented now).
    • Finish the planned variety of obfuscation techniques to start with.
    • Kukarek production deployment.
    • Deployment of first TEE workers (Sonm own reference testbeds).
    • Deployment of first public TEE workers (from the Elevated Rewards Program members).
    • PROFIT!
  • Problems in work are listed below. Solution details stripped from this report and will not be disclosed publicly, just to show what we work on:
    • How to diagnose fails?
    • How to handle natural fails (and distinguish them from attestation fails)?
    • OS update.
    • PKI related stuff.
    • Overlay network feature as implemented in Sonm worker does not work with hardened setup yet.


Software engineering

  • Work in progress for TEE installer. One iteration takes a long time like you push a button, wait for 40 minutes for the build to finish, then flash it on a USB stick, then boot – and then BOOM! One byte is wrong! Repeat. Anyway, progress is relentless.
  • Work in progress for disk encryption. Encryption is implemented already and now is being tested in the integrated environment. Now it has some conflicts with Docker disk usage, to be fixed and tested more.
  • Kukarek cluster tested, a bug is fixed regarding a race for DB access in cluster mode.
  • Sonm Optimus bug is fixed (“break” replaced with “continue”). It failed to discover a price for some particular configurations with many GPUs. 500 lines os tests added.
  • Internal Gitlab being set up.



  • Reference hardware testbeds for TEE workers is being purchased (not only a motherboard but a full set of components – CPU, RAM, GPUs, disks, etc).
  • The first server for Kukarek arrived and is being set up.


Marketing and PR

  • TerraCrypto conference on July 25 in Moscow. Alexey Krotov, CBDO, will participate in the panel regarding the future of mining.
  • SNM listed on Bezop Network after a successful community vote.
  • Token adoption activities summarised in one place and are being worked on.
  • Binance chain article on hold. The was an article from Loom Network saying they launched Ethereum <-> sidechain <-> Binance chain cross-blockchain transfers. We are learning information about these solutions and are trying to communicate with the Loom team.



  • Registrations going on.
  • Patent work resumed.