Sonm weekly report 2019-06-24

After some pause since we had a practice of public reports and QAs, we decided to restore some transparency in the form of weekly reports, which will help understand works going on in Sonm.


  • SosnaTEE – a custom created hardened Linux distribution that turns your home PC into a trusted compute node by cutting off your access to this machine runtime and performing remote machine attestation.
  • Kukarek – remote attestation service to work in pair with SosnaTEE OS. Kukarek performs remote OS checks to make sure OS is not tempted with and that no local or remote access to machine runtime and data is possible.
  • New roadmap – will describe our current work in progress in the following fields: security solution (SosnaTEE, Kukarek), rendering startup on Sonm, and Binance chain integration.


  • Working on a partnership with machine learning startup that is willing to develop their platform on Sonm (use Sonm as GPU source). No, not Ashmanov. Tests in progress. The startup is launching this autumn.

Software engineering:

  • Ongoing work for SosnaTEE and Kukarek attestation service.
    • SosnaTEE installer on the phase of putting components together. @MOU
    • Collection of attestation techniques is growing. @kmeaw
  • Due to the unmanned nature of SosnaTEE it must be made sure, that the first production release will be 100% tested on the hardware (mostly motherboards) it will be used. Most likely first SosnaTEE instances will be installed among Elevated Rewards Program participants, so motherboard statistics are being collected at this time to select the most common motherboard models. These common motherboard models will be purchased and deployed at Sonm office as testbeds for 100% testing coverage.
  • Hardware plan for:
    • Protected code repository and build infrastructure
    • Attestation service server cluster (Kukarek)
  • Binance chain integration is on the phase of software requirements specification with about 50% progress.


  • @Coinbureau at Twitter has done fixes to their article about Sonm. The article still lacks the correct understanding of Sonm project, but we like the attempt to learn and would like to appreciate this effort.
  • Next publications scheduled:
    • $this status – tomorrow.
    • New roadmap – this week.
    • Binance chain article – this week.


  • New contractor joined, information not public.