Sonm weekly report 2019-07-09

Sonm main work this week is focused on:

  • Trusted Platform solution and hardware provisioning
  • Binance chain requirements
  • ML research



  • Sonm will conduct research regarding possible fog computing ML use cases to target specific market niches with a dedicated product. It will be covered with a series of articles this year.
  • Working on fog computing architecture proposal as the final desired Sonm state. Work is at an early stage.


Software engineering:

  • Working on TEE prototype and infrastructure.
  • Load balancer for Kukarek implemented.
  • SosnaTEE installer in progress.
  • Additional checks methods in progress.
  • Disk encryption work in progress.
  • Equipment provisioning in progress for:
    • Kukarek attestation service.
    • Private code repo.
    • Testbeds for first supported motherboard models.
    • Colocation installation plan in progress.
    • Will take a month or so.
    • Then install works will start.
  • Prepare servers for Kukarek and Gitlab.
  • Trusted Platform approximate launch – October 2019.
  • Binance chain requirement finalization. Prototype work to start.
    • We are estimating our solution with anticipation of Cosmos IBC and peg zone features to be launched this year – to provide adequate interoperability.
    • Estimating migration procedure, which may be complex given the fact that masternodes are being prepared as well.



  • Public roadmap v6 released: [url to roadmap]. The document received all positive feedback.
  • Publications:
    • Sonm and Rays update as usual.
    • Igor’s interview with a crypto evangelist is in work. To be published soon (once ready).
  • Next major publications in the pipeline (same as the previous report):
    1. Binance chain article.
    2. Tokenomics article.
    3. TEE article.



  • Some community members are being promoted to admins. It started as local humor “How would you behave if you were the admin”, but turned out to be serious.



  • Hiring a dedicated product adviser to do Machine Learning research for us – what is the best and easiest way to fit Sonm to an ML niche. A candidate accepted already. Details later.