Sonm weekly report 2019-07-02

We continuing our new weekly reports practice with this second update.


Software engineering:

  • Working on TEE prototype and infrastructure.
  • SosnaTEE installer in progress.
  • Load balancer for Kukarek being worked on.
  • Statistics on motherboard usage ready – now we know the motherboard models that are most used by our suppliers (Elevated Rewards program participants). Top 3-5 models are being selected – these will be fully supported by SosnaTEE at the start.
  • Server specification for Kukarek attestation service and private SosnaTEE code repo – ready.
  • Prepare servers for Kukarek and Gitlab.


  • Public roadmap v6 has passed internal acceptance by the team. Making final adjustments, to be published tomorrow. A major step for all of us.
  • Publications:
    • Sonm status to be published on late Tuesday (after TEE meeting).
    • Igor’s interview with a crypto evangelist is in work. To be published soon (once ready).
  • Next major publications in pipeline:
    1. Binance chain article.
    2. Tokenomics article.
    3. TEE article.


  • New internal Public Communications Code of Ethics introduced at the support team. If you will see any change in our public communications – you will know this is it.
  • Community and support regulation updated:
    • List of supported communications channels revised.
    • Will support Bitcointalk and social media.
    • Will monitor and provide temporary support in comments at our articles on external websites.
    • Reaction times revised.
  • SMM activities revised.