SONM Use Cases: Uber and Enterprises

The future of fog computing looks brighter than ever before. There are so many uses where this concept can make a significant impact over the coming years. In fact, even popular services such as Uber can benefit from fog computing, or perhaps even be ultimately replaced by SONM’s services if they decided not to embrace this decentralized form of computation power.

Uber Should Look into Fog Computing

Although the concept of Uber sounds simple enough to most people, there is always room for improvements. Right now, all of the company’s data goes through centralized services. Moreover, the company sues computing power rented from third parties, which puts user information at risk of getting exposed. Moreover, the company’s business model could benefit from fog computing as well.

On paper, Uber provides a service that lets anyone in the world hail a ride to bring them to a designated location. After all, drivers must somewhat meet clients’ demands and provide an affordable and acceptable service. All of the information to hail a ride is sent back to Uber’s central servers before it is dispatched to potential drivers in the local area. This seems to be a wrongful approach, as they could use fog computing to use local hardware at their disposal and cut out long-distance transmission altogether.

Moreover, the benefit of fog computing means there is no third party controlling of the data. Additionally, SONM is capable of fulfilling the needs of passengers and drivers alike without them having to rely on parties such as Uber or Lyft. A decentralized application using a decentralized network of computing power can achieve the same result, but at a cheaper ratio and without intermediaries. If companies such as Uber do not embrace fog computing, they may eventually be replaced by decentralized applications.

Flexible Rental Times and Computing Architecture

Some people may wonder why a company such as Uber should even look into fog computing to begin with. There are several reasons to do so, though. SONM’s system is capable of powering calculations of any kind. While the more obvious use cases for this technology range from CGI rendering to scientific research, it also handles big data pretty well. Especially data that need to be processed in real-time and be distributed to people all over the world.

That is exactly what Uber is doing these days. They process data from available drivers and people looking for a ride and try to match eligible parties. SONM’s fog computing service can make this process a lot easier and affordable. Moreover, their service is flexible both in computing architecture required and the duration of the contracts.

In the end, fog computing is all about using computer resources in a more efficient manner for any type of purpose that comes to mind. All of this results in a far more powerful infrastructure that can instantly scale on demand without long-term agreements being required. Companies can benefit greatly from such a powerful service, regardless of what their business venture focuses on exactly.

Enterprises of all Kinds Stand To Benefit Too

Any small or medium enterprise is capable of cutting down on overhead and other expenses by using fog computing. There is no longer a need to rely on high-cost data centers. SONM shifts all computing power to the fog without affecting the output in a negative manner. In fact, they can purchase fog computing or hosting services from a hub that meets their individual demands. Local and affordable computing power is always the better option.

Larger companies have a lot of to gain from SONM’s technology as well. Removing the need for colocation is a big step most corporations can only dream of right now. Moreover, servers would not have to be relocated to data centers either, since one can use devices in their vicinity as computing power.

This results in more flexible solutions that are fault-toleration and offer additional security to boot. All data, services, and resources are distributed across devices, which makes attacking the network increasingly difficult. Cloud servers are a major centralized target for criminals to infiltrate. Fog computing removes all centralized entities, which automatically results in a more secure network for everyone to enjoy and benefit from.

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