SONM testnet launch

SONM team launches the MVP testnet — Minimal Viable Product on Ethereum testnet. This is your chance to try SONM Beta version, test the system and propose new tasks, so that we can improve SONM ahead of summer’s launch.

This blog post includes all the necessary information to participate to the MVP testnet.

SONM testnet launch facts

  • Start date: the Beta-test will begin on December 25, 12 pm UTC.
  • Code: the source code for the MVP has been open sourced. Feel free to join us in our GitHub repo.
  • Installation manuals are available here.
  • Support: if you have any problem during installation you can get in touch with our support at [email protected]. We are committed to answer you as soon as possible

Why should I join the SONM testnet now?

The customer that joins the testnet, will be able to describe his own real tasks, having the community helping to shape the solutions. The supplier, as an early SONM adopter, will get a ‘high ranking status’ and his resources will generate more income at final product release.

How the testnet works?

SONM will distribute SNM test tokens to the customers in order to ‘pay’ for using supplier’s hardware. SONM testnet customers will start launching requests to use supplier’s resources and will be able to describe their own real tasks.

How to join SONM testnet as a supplier?

To participate in the testnet as a supplier, submit your name and email in the form on this page. Connect on our website, download and install the supplier software and you can start to test our functionalities! Read the how to start manual.

How to join SONM testnet as a customer?

To participate in the testnet as a customer, visit this page, describe or choose a task that you want to run on SONM, fill your name and email in the form. Connect to our website, download and install the customer software and you can start to test our functionalities! Read the how to start manual.

Christmas Gift

During the first week of the MVP testnet launch, SONM will gift 20 000 real SNM tokens to the 50 most active suppliers and the 50 most active customers participating in SONM testnet.

Important Notes for Participants

  • The testnet version is designed for developers and you will have to interact with the system through the CLI. We have created a guide on how to work with CLI and it’s available here.
  • Each participant will use SONM wallet to manage test tokens. Please find here the guide for the wallet. Later, we are going to merge the wallet with marketplace GUI — an internal SONM feature that collects buy/sell orders from consumers and suppliers of computing power. This service also generates best price proposals that match consumer orders.
  • In the next release we are going to add profiles and the rating system so that SONM users will be stronger protected from fake suppliers and fraud.

Differences between testnet and livenet versions

Testnet is the base of what is going to be our SONM livenet, hence the working principles are the same. The main differences are:

  • The testnet will use the SNM test tokens. The test tokens have no market value and their function is purely to emulate real SNM tokens which allows market liquidity.
  • The testnet version has a limited user interface.

To the testnet will be added step by step all the functionalities as per our product development roadmap.