Sonm Status Announcement (English)

Date: 20 Sep 2019.

Sonm has successfully implemented the fog computing platform and has reached the readiness of basic infrastructure, which is operating for a year so far. Further development and operations assume creating a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), which will make decisions regarding both development priorities and funding form and volumes. DAO will allow everyone related to the project, including token holders, to directly participate and both be responsible for the project’s fate as well as have full rights over the benefits and equal rights related to the project successful financial and reputational activity.

Today Sonm features:

To manage further project development, DAO will be created, which will be open for all SNM token holders.

Due to the great potential of fog computing and significant applied developments in this area and to create commercial frontends for computing power, I. Lebedev and other former team members plan to establish a new private startup, that uses Sonm as a platform:

  • Developing cloud render farm Rays as a private startup, raise fundings and run commerce.
  • Rays will continue using Sonm because Sonm is outstanding and we know this because we implemented it and it works for us. Sonm gives you an ability to rent machines times cheaper than in the cloud, no alternative solutions are providing these advantages.
  • We are considering other applied project ideas to monetize Sonm hardware, including GPU cloud and ML platform.
  • We will develop Sonm platform as a public domain open source based on common rights (as part of the community) when this will align with our project interests (today this is Rays) and propose network upgrades when new versions will be out.
  • We are accepting to fulfill the role of maintainers for public domain Sonm platform source code repositories:
    • review and approve pull requests
    • sometimes bring our pull requests (when this aligns with our goals)
    • provide tech support in our chats, share knowledge
    • maintain the minimum required infrastructure and solve related technical issues.
  • Websites and related resources, such as packet distribution services – will all continue working, this is on us too.
  • In other words, we plan to develop our own projects on Sonm and invite everyone to join. Shall you need help – we are here to support, send us a message.
  • We are also willing to cooperate with the DAO, to participate in it with the power os any personal SNM holdings we may have left and in case of the call from DAO we are willing to continue platform development on mutually interesting conditions.
  • We have a task left, which we seek to finish – to launch the masternodes and transition the infrastructure maintenance to the community. Until then the infrastructure is on us.

DAO is currently being organized by a community initiative group. Interest to create the DAO has been shown by multiple people in the community including: Andrey Voronkov, who does not require an additional introduction, Denis Smirnov, the decentralized technologies evangelist, and UniDAO project. DAO will have to:

  • Consolidate community and start discussing Sonm development ideas based on the voting power proportional to the amount of SNM held by a person.
  • Prioritize features that are proposed to be implemented, including estimating the importance and details of masternodes and binance chain integration.
  • Decide on the DAO and development funding sources.
  • Choose and assign developers or organize work with the former development team (the team is ready).
  • Publishing reports regarding DAO operations and project status.

In the near time, the initiative group will make their statement regarding their vision and plans for Sonm DAO.

From what we know Sonm is being used by at least:

  • Rays startup
  • CraftML startup

Perhaps this example will be catching to someone and in the future we will see interesting news!