SONM Roadmap Overview

SONM, a decentralized worldwide fog supercomputer for general purpose computing, has laid out a well-sketched business and technical roadmap for their platform. The overview illustrates the potential investors and users about the SONM’s financial and development plans, and confirms the team’s intentions towards creating a fully functional computation platform.

Here is a summarized version of SONM’s Business and Development Roadmaps.

Development Roadmap

SONM development has already started. In the whitepaper, the project discusses a series of updates it will release as the development moves forward. The current version, v.0.1 — ANGE, has implemented a slave protocol using YANDEX.COCAINE as a platform and Docker as an isolation.

The ANGE implementation supports multiple languages, including C++, Go, Java, Node.Js, Python, and Ruby. It further brings the following services:

  • Logging
  • Node-local le storage
  • MongoDB storage
  • Elliptic storage
  • Node-local in-memory cache
  • Distributed in-memory cache
  • URL Fetch
  • Jabber

The present SONM platform allows users to create their own hubs, and collect power from miners. They can even create clusters using their own machines. Anyone could run any usual docker container on it or create your own application in Cocaine framework.

According to the roadmap given, the SONM development has already moved forward with the development of v.0.2, which it calls PRINCIP. This update is expected to include the following functions on the top of ANGE:

  • Main Token Contract and ICO application. Payout prototype. (already implemented)
  • YANDEX.COCAINE — based platform for fog computing will be implemented.
  • Ethereum P2P101 Whisper modified in FUSRODAH-based protocol of messaging between Sender (Node) and Watcher (worker) machines will be implemented.
  • QUAKE game server container will be implemented.

The neat near-term update that follows PRINCIP is ARCH (to be made live in September 2017). This update will see the implementation of PayOut Dapp a simple decentralized application which allow hub administrator payout tokens to miners, depending on their work.

The rest of the scheduled updates are mentioned as follows:

  • v.0.4 — POWER (March 2018)
  • v.0.5 — VIRT (June 2018)
  • v.1.0 — DOMIN (August 2018)
  • v.1.1 — THRON (November 2018)
  • v1.n — CHERUB (2019)
  • v.2.0 — SERA (2020)

Business Roadmap

To ensure a smoothness flow of financial transactions, SONM has already launched a presale, followed by an ICO, of its native token of the same name. While the presale raised about 100,000 ETH within only 24 hours of its launch, the ICO started on June 15th — 10 days before the time of writing — and raised $36 million worth of ETH tokens.

Of all the ICO tokens sold, SONM has allocated 20% of the total lot for the original team, while the rest is distributed as follows:

R&D (including team expanding, advisers, etc.): 30%

Indirect (legal, of ce etc): 4%

Marketing (promotion, market growth, community & expansion): 33%

Complementary technologies: 7%

Technology infrastructure: 6%

As can be seen, a maximum of the raised ICO funds are intended to be used as capital for operational costs at the development stage. The SONM Business Overview is optimistic about generating higher returns for the token holders, mostly because of the bullish nature of cloud computing market, and the kind of decentralization they are trying to bring to meet the ever-increasing demand for distributed computing. It is predicted that the industry will be worth $383,355 billion by the end of 2020.

As for the near-term business roadmap, SONM is already prepared to fund its upcoming operations. The ANGE implementation had been allocated a decent budget for press coverages, business development and conducting the ICO. The PRINCIP and ARCH versions will similarly use the funds for the hiring of experts for code development, marketing and business development.