SONM partners with Dbrain

SONM has partnered with Dbrain — a company creating a service for neural network training. We are going to provide Dbrain with computational power in this mutually beneficial partnership.

The SONM platform will enable Dbrain’s system for neural network training to benefit from greater computing power, meaning data is processed far quicker. This collaboration also provides Dbrain a cheaper alternative to traditional providers.

“Our decentralized global fog computing platform is able to carry out a large number of tasks of all kinds. The processing of data essential for the study of neural networks is one of these tasks. Collaboration with Dbrain is an excellent way of demonstrating the possibilities of our project,” said Alexei Antonov, co-founder of SONM.

The partnership also allows Dbrain to bring their vision to life, without having to worry about nitty-gritty data processes.

“Neural network training requires the analysis of around 100,000 to a million different types of data. SONM’s resources will help us speed up the processing of information and boost the general productivity of our study” — said Dbrain’s CTO, Alexei Khakhunov.

He went on to say “The joint project with SONM creates new opportunities for Dbrain. Our platform provides swift AI solutions for companies working outside the IT sphere by using the data markers and data developers at our disposal. SONM’s capacity allows us to work with a large number of users, regardless of the parties involved”.

About Dbrain

Dbrain is an open blockchain platform to build AI apps collectively. Dbrain links crowd workforce with data scientists to turn raw data into real-world AI solutions for businesses, creating a win-win situation for all participants in the AI market. After securing $2.5 million in seed funding, Dbrain has reached a significant milestone by releasing the alpha version of the platform, including a web application and a Telegram bot.

About SONM

SONM is a decentralized worldwide fog supercomputer for general purpose computing, from website hosting to scientific calculations. SONM company provides an effective way to solve a worldwide problem — supply computational power with the maximum scalability, at the best price, everywhere.