SONM Partners with Aion to Provide Computing Power

SONM has recently established a strategic partnership with Aion, the multi-tier blockchain system focusing on scalability, privacy, and network interoperability. Through this partnership, SONM will support Aion’s technical roadmap by providing its community with the ability to rapidly deploy Aion’s kernel operating system. In addition, SONM will also act as an early adopter of Aion mining upon the release of the public network.

SONM CTO Igor Lebedev said:

“We are excited to bring SONM’s computational power to the Aion project. The partnership is a great display of SONM’s network flexibility as we can deliver disk capacity and hash rate for the public release of Aion. In addition, SONM will provide computing power for the neural network training of Aion’s Proof-of-Intelligence algorithm in development. The partnership will help create client demand, while positively influencing new partners to the infrastructure.”

Aion CTO Jin Tu said:

“The partnership with SONM will allow the community to rapidly deploy the Aion Kernel and help enhance the overall security of the network. We are eager to collaborate with SONM on our ongoing research and development of the proof-of-intelligence algorithm.”

The Aion-1 blockchain, the network’s core infrastructure, will be released in early 2018. The first release of the network will use a modified proof-of-work based mining algorithm, until the hybrid delegated proof-of-stake / proof-of-intelligence consensus is introduced mid-2019. SONM will provide Aion with critical platform support during its initial release and will providing ongoing guidance as the public network expands and evolves.

About Aion

The Aion network is a multi-tier blockchain network designed to support a future where many blockchains exist to solve unique industry problems and to power the services of the modern world. Aion will become the common protocol used for these blockchains, enabling more efficient and decentralized systems to be built. The Aion protocol enables the development of a federated blockchain network, making it possible to seamlessly integrate dissimilar blockchain systems in a multi-tier hub-and-spoke model, similar to the internet. For more information visit

About SONM

SONM (Supercomputer Organized by Network Mining) is a decentralized worldwide fog supercomputer for general purpose computing, from site hosting to scientific calculations. SONM company provides an effective way to solve a worldwide problem — supply computational power with the maximum scalability, at the best price, everywhere.