SONM Monthly Report: August

The SONM team has been very busy over the past few months since the ICO closed, and we wanted to update the community on our progress during the month of August. Our development team has implemented several core application features, including discovery, traffic routing, resource management, and GPU support. In addition, we welcomed to the SONM Board of Advisors renowned digital economist Paolo Tasca, who will advise the team on finances and business development. SONM has also added a number of IT experts to the team.

Team expansion:

In July, we hired a CTO from a software development enterprise to establish software development and delivery.

In August, experts in the following fields joined the team:

  • Enterprise IT HR manager to search for exceptional talent
  • Golang (Go Programming Language) developer for networking and integration
  • Senior systems architect to work on the SONM yellow paper
  • Developmental and technical strategy advisor (technology selection, continuous delivery, etc).

Our new HR manager has selected two skilled IT systems/business analysts. They will join the team in early September.

We are actively seeking the following positions:

  • Chief Product Owner (possibly CPO) with cloud computing expertise
  • Architects with cloud computing expertise
  • Head of Quality Assurance (QA)
  • Experts developers for multiple developer positions

We hope to complete our expansion plans by the end of October. All job openings are published on SONM’s Facebook.

Advisory board:

  • Dr. Paolo Tasca, a blockchain consultant to the United Nations and EU Parliament, joined SONM’s advisory board. Dr Tasca will advise the team on business development. His ability to foresee macroeconomic trends and to implement sustainable business models will prove an invaluable asset to the SONM team.
  • SONM has publicized its goals on economic rating systems and on cloud data. It also has announced plans to add additional experts to its advisory board.


August was a busy month for the SONM development team. Our most significant achievements include:

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— The SONM team