SONM delivered platform v0.3.3, wallet 1.0.1, protocols switched

As was announced yesterday a release pack for all components has been delivered.

Release details

Platform v0.3.3

Wallet v1.0.1


Release adoption and hardfork status

As it was mentioned yesterday, peer-to-peer protocols are changed in the new version and backward compatibility is not preserved. Tokens are not affected.

According to the load statistics, the new version is being adopted as we see rising number of connections.

We expect and encourage all testnet participants to switch to the new version, as the previous one will not be supported anymore and in the nearest future old marketplace and locator will be shut down.

This is not the last protocol change, SONM is in the testnet phase, which gives us some flexibility to update. Protocols would be stabilized before we go to livenet.

Development insight (#UnimaginableTransparency)

The following diagram shows the cumulative flow of tasks in SONM development internal task tracker (Jira). A spike before 25th December visualizes burned weekends during “FINAL BOSS RUSH (MVP) 25 25 25” sprint, followed by “MVP AFTER PARTY” sprints 1 and 2, which are now resolved.

SONM Cumulative Flow Diagram (Atlassian Jira)