SONM Crypto-IaaS is here

Five months have passed since the MVP release, during this time we have done a lot of work to refine the platform and included many new features.

On May 30 we will release a new version of the system, which can be considered as an evolution in the SONM development — a significant step to reliability and comfort. For a first time, it will work in the test network, and in a month will be transferred to the production network — for this month we will gather all the feedback from testnet users and make improvements to the release before moving to the production network.

On June 30 we are going to launch a full, working version of the system, which will provide IaaS, it will allow running Docker containers with any task inside. The first version of production Livenet release we called Crypto-IaaS, because it is ideal for crypto-projects and because payment in it is possible in cryptocurrency. The release will be able to perform any task, but its focus on crypto projects is primarily due to the massive pool of GPU in the SONM structure.

SONM IaaS platform is:

  • All kinds of resources: CPU, GPU, HDD, RAM, Network
  • Cost efficient alternative to cloud services
  • Decentralized computing network
  • Scalability on demand
  • Docker compatibility
  • The global market of computing resources

Using SONM, crypto projects can quickly solve the problem of lack of resources — just order the right amount of resources in the marketplace and run your Docker container on rented equipment.

We are already working with such projects as AION, Faceter, and Dbrain and are going to provide them the computing power to power up their projects. Our partner Faceter have already calculated the benefits of using SONM and published on their blog.

With this release, the SONM team, among other things, solves the task of attracting people who own mining equipment, servers, and even data centers to join our fog computing platform, offering them beneficial conditions. We offer them to become part of a global supercomputer that can perform any calculations. As a reward for the provided capacity, suppliers will receive SNM tokens.

SONM’s performance has already been tested and proven during the “Operation A,” which has become a global test of SONM abilities — hundreds of suppliers from around the world have joined SONM and gained a unique experience of international cooperation. You can read about the “Operation A” here and here.

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