Results of the SONM Fog Computing Challenge

The first SONM decentralized fog computing platform is currently holding a multidisciplinary fog computing challenge for developers and tech enthusiasts from all over the world. It’s high time to round up the results of the first stage.

In this online-only competition, everyone could see if their ambition, skills and knowledge would be enough to solve the most cutting-edge tasks for the one of the hottest projects in the industry. In the first stage, participants chose one of 14 tasks from four categories and developed it on Docker containers, working with SONM advisors on the task they had picked. The second stage will require entrants to deploy a SONM test network with a new API.

Only those who have been announced winners of the first stage can take part in this final part, which will continue until September. The winners in each category will receive prizes from a total prize fund of $200,000.

Results and winners


  • Trusted platform. According to this task, developers had to provide a solution and an OS prototype to prevent suppliers from intruding in SONM tasks. Enforcing security on running tasks is one of the biggest challenges for SONM. The supplier has full access to the PC with running tasks, so they can potentially steal all the task data and code, and even emulate tasks, meaning the customer could receive false results. 

There was no single clear winner in this category. We will continue to work on a solution and system components ourselves.

  • Auto-seller bot. During the challenge we simultaneously developed our own auto-seller bot, Optimus. But we have one semi-final challenge winner in this category, who developed the required functions that could be embedded in our system. In the second stage he will have access to SONM’s main net and will realize his solutions on the platform.
  • Cloud mining. This category did not produce a semi-final winner. During the challenge we simultaneously developed our own cloud mining bot, Connor.


The PaaS section consisted of the following parts:

  • Object storage and File storage. We have two winners, who chose to run Minio on SONM.
  • KV storage (NoSQL).We have two winners: one chose to run ScyllaDB on SONM and the second preferred TiesDB.
  • RDS (SQL). Here we have only one winner, who chose to run CockroachDB on SONM.

So we have several winners who will proceed to work on the second stage. One of them offered a solution for object storage and file storage, another worked on SQL and KV solutions, and the last one developed KV storage (NoSQL).

All these solutions will allow SONM to launch PaaS platform components in the very near future.


Golem is a distributed supercomputer project based on cryptocurrency. It is capable of running grid computing tasks, thus generating revenues. But we have realized that at its current stage of development, Golem can’t be run on the SONM decentralized platform: it works only on the desktop version of Windows.

The situation with is similar. It is a distributed supercomputer project based on cryptocurrency but currently uses only its own servers or the servers of selected cloud providers and can’t be run on a distributed platform like SONM. For this reason we couldn’t use it for the SONM challenge.

  • Fog Render farm. We have one semi-final winner, who completed the task using Afanasy + Blender.
  • Big Data. We also have one semi-final winner who ran the task on Spark.
  • CDN. Here we have two semi-final winners, who offered appropriate solutions on nimble or nginx.
  • TensorFlow. We have no semi-final winner for this task.


Developers have to propose an engine for a classic Game of Life, which will be able to work using the combined power of multiple computing nodes from SONM IaaS. We have no winner in the semi-final stage.

We realize that there are many different solutions and instruments that already exist on the market. For this reason, we used the task as a demonstrative case: it is not the base function of the SONM platform.


We hope for further cooperation with all of the developers and tech enthusiasts who took part in this challenge. We may also be able to support them in launching their own business using SONM fog computing solutions.

Even if you did not enter the first stage but have a new solution you wish to offer, we are ready to give it consideration.

All the winners of the first stage will be invited to continue work on developing tasks for the platform under the guidance of SONM product owner Eugene Manaev and SONM COO Oleg Lubimov.