“Operation A” — The results

It is time to summarize the event, which we called “Operation A.” If you do not know what we are talking about, you can read the article on our blog.

Just a week after the start of the operation, we collected hundreds of applications from people who wanted to participate and become part of the SONM network.

Because of a large number of participants, there was a situation with an excessing of resources, so they were put into operation step by step and equipment of some participants was involved not immediately, but with a delay. In this regard, the SONM team decided to increase the amount of compensation for the amount of payment for the resources raised through the SONM platform.

Each participant will receive a reward of 50 SNM for each unique IP address that participated in the operation — for the participation fact. Traffic will also be paid — participants will receive $ 4 for each 1TB processed in the customer’s Docker container on the supplier’s equipment.

This event allowed us to try the SONM “in combat” and get feedback. We understood a few crucial points and determined what to improve in the future.

Here’s what we did:

  • We discovered a new scenario for using SONM, which was previously underestimated — proxy servers for network accessibility problems solving. The specifics of this scenario is: (a) there is a demand for this scenario; (b) no further development of the software is needed and can be used right now; (с) this case efficiently utilizes the strengths and benefits of SONM.
  • We created a scenario for the SONM automatic deployment of the application on the supplier side, which greatly simplifies the installation and configuration process.
  • We tested technical support team in “combat” conditions and made conclusions by which we will improve the work of the unit.
  • We got convinced in the universality of the SONM system, the accuracy of our ideas, the working capacity of the solution, even with the MVP version.

People from Europe, America, Asia, the Middle East, and Oceania participated in the “Operation A” so it turned out to be truly international and decentralized.

The entire operation was conducted on the MVP, launched on the Ethereum test network, and required us to put additional resources for administrative efforts, such as guiding participants and oncoming SNM transactions in manual mode.

After launching the Livenet version of the system and a gathering a significant computing capacity of the network, events like “Operation A” will be automated, within the standard SONM operation mode. The customer will be able to purchase a necessary amount of resources and deploy services on them autonomously in a fully automatic way — via the SONM API.

We want to thank all participants of “Operation A” and looking forward to having you as suppliers of the SONM network.