Operation A announcement

As we announced earlier, we are working towards delivering a production release in June 2018 and we are focusing all our efforts on meeting this goal.

Recently, however, we discovered a potential use case for SONM computing power that has given us an opportunity to adapt our technology today. We cannot disclose the exact project details at this time, but this discovery is such a great opportunity that we would like to make a slight deviation on our delivery roadmap and breathe new life into the current SONM MVP testnet.

Basically, this means we are inviting hardware owners to join the SONM MVP testnet today in order to take advantage of the following:

  • immediate payment with real SONM tokens, as well as the opportunity to monetize your CPU and network today;
  • should we succeed with this project we (the SONM community) will have a huge boost in business development and faster SONM adoption;
  • all participants will benefit from enhanced reputation with the launch of livenet (please secure your keys);
  • as a thanks to helping us to reach this epic goal, all participants will receive memorable profile badges.

What we’re looking for:

— Hardware providers: common PCs (home and mining rigs) and datacentre-grade servers. Rented VPS/VDS are accepted, but limitations apply, see below.

— Physical location: anywhere on the Earth, except Russian Federation, China and Iran.

— Static public IP address required (IPv4 only). This is a key must-have. This project is about hosting some kind of networking software for communications.

  • Fast Internet static link is a must.
  • Preferable: 100 Mbit/s and higher.
  • Minimum: 10 Mbit/s.
  • All bandwidth will be fully utilized, so data-volume limited plans are not eligible (only unlimited/bandwidth plans).

— CPU requirement depends on your link bandwidth.

  • For a 100 Mbit/s and higher link a decent CPU is required. At least i3 2nd Gen (Sandy Bridge) grade. At least 2 physical cores with HT or 4 physical cores without HT, at least 2,2 Ghz. No low-power models (letter “U”), only desktop and server grade. No lower power Celerons.
  • For 10 Mbit/s at least one 2 Ghz CPU physical core is required.

— RAM: 4Gb required. More will slightly benefit. Less is not enough.

Risks and limitations:

There is a high chance that your static public IP will be banned throughout the Russian Federation. However, if you do have a website or services that work for customers in Russia, then this will probably devastate your communication with Russian peers. Please take caution.

For rented VPS/VDS:

  • You may rent a virtual machine in the cloud for this activity and may expect to receive a price margin. Please use instances with maximum network bandwidth. However, we will imply limitations on a number of nodes within one Cloud service provider: not more, than 10 instances per service provider. If you are going to use a Cloud service provider, then contact the support group “Team A” which provider you are going to use to get into the quota.
  • You must use instances with maximum network bandwidth options. If there are 10 and 100 Mbits/s — you must choose 100.
  • AWS, Google Cloud, Azure and Digital Ocean are not eligible (already banned in Russian Federation).

To participate please send an email to support team “Team A” (founded specially for this project). They will add you to Zendesk and describe next steps.

Email: [email protected]

Please specify:

  • hardware characteristics (CPU, RAM, disks and network);
  • ability to install Linux Debian;
  • ability to install SONM Hub software on your own (we will prefer those, who can do that on their own, but will help as well);
  • what country the equipment is hosted in;
  • your public IP address, that you plan to use in this project (that would be rented in SONM);
  • cloud provider, where you plan to rent VPS/VDS (if you plan) and exact plan name and details.