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Monthly report

SONM team has decided to make the summary report on the last month achievements and results to summarize the interesting facts that had happened with the team.


  • We want to thank you all for the support during bounty company — we’ve made it together. Thank you, guys!


  • Our developers work hard day by day on SONM network, and you’re welcome to check it on our GitHub repository (https://github.com/sonm-io)
  • We’re moving according to the product development plan (https://wiki.sonm.io/doku.php?id=roadmap) and we are always happy to answer your questions in our official groups in social networks


  • Finally, SONM team is presented at QQ and WeChat. You are welcome to ask any questions and put these forward for discussion

QQ group number: 296197975

To join our WeChat — please contact community-manager: lihuajkl


We always try to keep you informed of all events and actions, follow us on our blog at (https://blog.sonm.io). Here is a collation of interesting posts for this month: