Monthly Report: August 2018



  • Updated Ethereum (now the project can be built on go 1.11).
  • The gRPC rate limiter was added and can now control the restriction of the Worker and Node service usage by specifying the rate limiter interceptor, which can be configured to take action in both global and precise settings for each respective method.
  • Improved system Btrfs based storage quotas.
  • General platform improvements:
    • added the new GetOrdersByIDs method in DWH, which allows users to get orders with required IDs
    • added the new GetStats() handle, which returns current DWH stats
    • added the ability to print the CPU model in the cmd of worker devices
    • added the ability to pass the “–password=topsecret” flag for the “sonmcli login” command for the auto-installer script
    • added the ability to show the change request price in USD/h
    • added the ability to show the CPU cryptonight benchmark in the CLI