To become a miner you need to download docker and follow the instructions (you need to have an external IP):

docker run -d — env DOCKER_API_VERSION=1.24 — net=host -v /run:/var/run sonm/insonmnia:alpha3 sonmminer — hubaddress=your IP from list:10002

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You can launch quake server on your OS:

docker run sonm/insonmnia:alpha3 sonmcli — hub=your hub IP:10001 list

Find your address in the list and put

docker run sonm/insonmnia:alpha3 sonmcli — hub your hub IP:10001 — timeout=3000s start — image schturmfogel/sonm-q3:alpha — miner=your IP:port

You recieve a task from the hub and so right now we have prepared a multiplayer Quake III usecase for you.

This runs with Docker container which has the game’s server inbuilt and it runs on your OS. The prototype demonstrates the principal opportunities of the platform. The main idea is to make sure that the chosen technology can help to reach the wished result, namely to launch tasks on miners’ servers, choose and test some means of distributed traffic and task performance. In the nearest time alpha version will have an integrated discovery service. The development tasks are organized and will be published here:

You can use servers which run already on miners’ computers and join Quake III multiplayer.

You need first to launch quake 3 arena, after it press multiplayer and look for specify push that and copypaste the server adress and join the game

Below is the list of addresses which let you join the game: