Ilia Frankstein Joins SONM Advisory Board

SONM is proud to announce that Ilia Frankstein is joining the team to advise on IT technology and best practices for SDLC, business strategy and corporate governance. Mr. Frankstein will be one of the spokespersons of the company and facilitate communication with the investment community. Tellingly, he is also an investor in SONM. He and some of his close associates have a significant stake in the ICO. Mr. Frankstein believed in the project from the very first day and now he is committed to help SONM succeed.

Mr. Frankstein brings a wealth of international experience and familiarity with various industries, countries and markets. He began his career as a software engineer, working for some of the most successful startups in Israel. After moving to Canada, he was involved in IT consulting for major banks and corporations. Later in his career he switched to investment banking and was engaged in M&A deals and listing companies on the Moscow Stock Exchange. As a successful long term value investor, he wrote for Known for his numerous pieces, he was also involved in crisis management and restructuring for Russian enterprises.

Today Mr. Frankstein participates in the most brainstorming sessions on technology with SONM’s CTO Igor Lebedev and other senior software engineers. He will contribute his articles regularly to increase transparency and improve the invenstor community’s understanding of the company’s progress.

His functional experience spans corporate strategy, business development, IT consultancy and project planning. We are overjoyed to have a person with such wide and diverse interests on our team. This is a precious opportunity for SONM to receive the most valuable advice on an array of subjects from the same man.

Announcing SONM live Q&A session with Ilia Frankstein

The SONM team will hold a live Q&A session on YouTube between the community and Ilia Frankstein (Adviser), Igor Lebedev (CTO), Eugeny Manaev (Head of research) and other developers in the SONM team. The session will focus on SONM’s development updates and new team members as well as the company’s business strategy and future plans. The session will be conducted in English.

The session will begin at 18:00 UTC on September 14, 2017. The questions can be asked and upvoted on #Z111 (here is the direct link or by using Twitter tag #asksonm (kindly send the questions during the session only). Make sure to tag each question with the name of the person to whom it is directed. See you there!