ICO breaking news

ICO breaking news:
$30,75+ MLN have been raised by now
250.000.000 tokens sold

SONM team is extremely excited about the huge interest in SONM project among investors. The official website sonm.io was overloaded at the very start of ICO which hit a home run. We want to thank all our investors for their trust, patience and support of the SONM Project.

The number of tokens on the website has now been updated.
The data was incorrect as the number of tokens sold for altcoins was displayed on the website incorrectly due to some technical issue with token amount return fuction which have been successfully fixed.


We’ve been receiving inquiries from our investors about insufficient bonus allocation. We warn that all investors will get the bonuses according to the official bonus structure.

This is a consequence of Non-ETH deposits (BTCLTCETCXMRetc.) which has caused incorrect bonus allocation. But the team is already working to top up accounts that received unsufficient amount of tokens.
We will try to approach each and every investor with respect. If you have any questions about your bonuses please use [email protected]

The migration from SPT to SNM will happen automatically, there’s no need to do anything additional. You’ll get SNM tokens which is x7 in dollars compared to your investment in SPT. The migration token can be deployed by the team after ICO finishes. IN CASE pre-ICO investor is not satisfied with ICO terms they can do a refund; to do that you need to send an e-mail to the team. Refund will happen via SNM tokens anyway.