Fog Computing Challenge Extension

A month ago, we announced the Fog Computing Challenge with a prize pool of $ 200,000, and now we want to increase the chances of participants to complete tasks and win the competition.

SONM Fog Computing Challenge is a competition for programmers, which offers 14 tasks to choose from. Each task involves solving the problem in the interests of the SONM platform. For the completed task, participants will receive a reward. You can find the details and register as a participant here.

In the first days after the start of the Fog Computing Challenge, we started accepting applications people wanted to participate in the contest and received more than 130 applications from teams and single developers.

While working with the participants, we concluded that some tasks were too complicated, and the terms assigned to us earlier, do not contribute to the quality of the tasks — many participants would like to get more time.

We decided to add a month of extra time and extend the first stage of the Fog Computing Challenge until June 30, 2018. At this time we are going to launch the Livenet version of SONM under the code name Crypto-IaaS, read more about the launch on our blog.

The second stage will start on July 6, right after the first round evaluation and the announcement of the first stage results. We also decided to extend the second round and give the developers more time — it will last for a month and a half and will end on August 20. The results of the second round of Fog Computing Challenge will be announced on August 24.

You can find the official rules of the competition here.

We hope that the extension will help the teams to come up with effective solutions and give space for the successful implementation of their solutions in SONM.