Digital Economist Paolo Tasca Joins SONM Advisory Board

Dr. Paolo Tasca, a digital economist and blockchain expert, has joined the SONM (Supercomputer Organized by Network Mining) Advisory Board. Dr. Tasca is a blockchain consultant to the United Nations and EU Parliament, founder of University College London Centre for Blockchain Technologies, and a published economist whose expertise in peer-to-peer financial systems will help the SONM team minimize marginal costs and promote positive economic relationships within its network.

Dr. Tasca’s proven ability to detect macro-economic trends and implement sustainable business models will greatly assist SONM in business development. His long-standing academic relationships will also prove invaluable to SONM as the company furthers its involvement in academic research and development in distributed computing, as well as strengthen its ties within the scientific community.

In the business development realm, Dr. Tasca’s responsibilities will include identifying new business opportunities, fostering partnerships, and researching new ways to reach existing markets. He will also advise the SONM team on generating innovative ideas to maximize revenue-generating opportunities. His extensive connections in the field of advanced technologies, as well as the private and public sectors, will prove invaluable to SONM’s future growth. As a start-up company, SONM endeavors to continue developing an array of services with high ROI and to attract more investors. With his rare and impressive combination of both theoretical and practical expertise, Dr. Tasca will be able to provide valid and valuable recommendations on various business development and financing opportunities.

Dr. Tasca is considered one of the world’s most distinguished blockchain and digital economy experts. His experience and research focuses on peer-to-peer financial systems, blockchain technologies, and their applications. As the Lead Economist on digital currencies and peer-to-peer financial systems at Deutsche Bundesbank in Frankfurt, he co-authored The Fintech Book and co-edited Banking Beyond Banks and Money: A Guide to Banking Services in the Twenty-First Century.

Dr. Tasca currently serves as the Executive Director of the Centre for Blockchain Technologies (UCL CBT) at the University of London. He has been actively involved in various research and application projects involving blockchain technologies. He continues to publish articles in prestigious academic journals, including the Harvard Business Review, and is referenced as an authority in such publications as The Wall Street Journal, Financial Post, and Bloomberg.

Dr. Tasca’s published works include scientific papers, books, chapters in books, and working papers. Among the papers he has co-authored are:

Developing More Innovative Technologies

Dr. Tasca deeply supports the dissemination of blockchain technologies. His advice will propel SONM to become an active participant that delivers innovative advanced technologies that are urgently needed in the ongoing industrial revolution. Dr. Tasca said:

“We have reached the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another. New technologies are dramatically transforming our society into something very different from what we were used to thinking about over the last few decades. The possibilities that have been unlocked by billions of people and smart devices collectively connected — with unprecedented processing power, storage capacity, and access to knowledge — are vast.

By 2025, most of Earth’s population, will be online and by 2030, the Internet of Things will comprise 100 billion connected devices. Under this extraordinary wave of connectivity and digital transformation, SONM distributed cloud technology will allow processing a nearly infinite amount of data streamed from a world of sensors and connected devices that will envelop our business and private lives, changing products and habits.”

Growing the advisory board

SONM is a rapidly-developing project that will need to draw additional human resources as it strengthens its presence in the marketplace. Specifically, the team is looking for an advisor/expert in economic rating systems who will be involved in the designing and auditing of SONM ratings (customer and hub/miner ratings) to ensure a fair computing market for everyone. At the same time, SONM is looking to collaborate with advisors in cloud data services and infrastructure, who will be involved in designing SONM’s architecture and performing solution audits. You can learn more about SONM’s hiring plans by visiting

SONM’s exponential growth will allow it to build a significant presence globally, with a focus on finding regional advisors that will provide SONM with maximum influence in multiple areas, including hosting, neural networks, and game servers.