Sonm is a decentralized fog computing platform, powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

SONM provides a platform for real-world applications and worldwide computations, able to complete numerous tasks – from CGI rendering to scientific calculations and even gaming. It is a global decentralized marketplace that connects suppliers willing to share the idle computing power of their hardware such as servers, desktop PCs and laptops, and users willing to rent this power for their projects.

SONM provides a viable and cost-efficient alternative to cloud solutions and services by operating within a fog computing structure. This common resource pool helps us provide unlimited and optimized computing power on demand.

The SONM mission

Sonm mission
  • To create a global decentralized marketplace for computing power: open-source, free from ownership, and cheaper than centralized cloud providers;
  • To provide both individuals and businesses for the first time in history with the opportunity to use decentralized computing resources in whatever quantity they require;
  • To enable individual owners of hardware to profit from renting out computing resources;
  • To create a viable alternative to the cloud computing giants that literally own the world right now;
  • To create a platform for applications of a new type: applications of the future. These are decentralized applications, similar in architecture to microservices, viable for horizontal scaling and which can withstand the failure of individual nodes.


  • Aleksei Antonov


    Aleksei has a university degree in Computer Security and has focused on Bitcoin, blockchain technologies and digital assets since 2016. In 2017 he became co-founder of the decentralized fog computing platform SONM.

    Aleksei is a well-known public speaker on Blockchain. He has authored several publications on the subject, including some critical comments on questionable ICO projects. In 2018 he wrote a book about the crypto economy and its emerging infrastructure with viable advice for the general public.
  • Sergei Ponomarev


    Sergei became a SONM co-founder at the age of just 22 and helped to define the project’s vision and goals. Sergei is an expert in smart-contract development, JavaScript and Solidity programming.


The SONM team is built of skilled professionals with a strong technical background.
At present we have around 70 team members on board, and are actively hiring.

Sonm offices are located all over the world, spreading the fog from east to west.

If you’re interested in joining our team, we encourage you to send your CV to [email protected].


In order to arrange an interview or collaborate on media platforms, please feel free to contact our press-office by e-mail: [email protected]

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