Sonm — Decentralized Fog Computing Platform
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Decentralized Fog Computing Platform

Sonm provides cloud services based on distributed customer level hardware including PCs, mining equipment, and servers. You can either rent out your hardware or use someone’s computing power for your needs.

Fog Computing

Fog Computing

The main idea of fog computing is the use of a decentralized network formed from disparate individual computing devices, as opposed to a single data center structure.

What distinguishes fog computing from cloud services is that in this case the computing resources are decentralized: instead of being provided by some centralized data center or supercomputer or server, the accumulated resource is delivered from individual computing devices.

This makes it possible to build extremely scalable and distributed systems, that can achieve performance and efficiency, not available with traditional cloud-based architecture. The aim of Sonm is to attract private users and data centers with free computing resources, and to form an open market based on these resources. A market where buyers, on a competitive basis, can find the resources to run their applications.

Software Components

Software components

The architecture of Sonm is made up of the following components and functions via their interaction.

  • GUI/wallet
  • CLI
  • API Node
  • Rendezvous/relay
  • Worker
  • DWH — a component for fast search and read from blockchain
  • Gatekeeper masternodes (currently PoA)
  • Block producing masternodes (currently PoA)
  • Public geth nodes
  • Price oracle (currently PoA)
Technologies and features

Technologies and features

The emergence of public cryptocurrencies, namely Bitcoin and Ethereum clearly showed the sustainability of decentralised systems.

This kind of systems have benefits and advantages, not achievable by traditional centralised systems: transparency and community trust, overall reliability, censorship-free, geographical distribution, global availability with the use of public cryptocurrencies, involvement of people as opposed to companies, etc.

So in order to run the solutions with Sonm we use the following technologies:

  • Blockchain and smart contracts
  • Profiles and a rating system
  • Decentralized marketplace
  • Peer-to-peer networking
  • Docker containers


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Active worker with deal

Active worker without deal

Buying Sonm tokens is simple

The SNM token is an internal currency on the Sonm computing power marketplace. With SNM you can get access to the unlimited resources provided by Sonm.

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